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At Choice Bagging Equipment, our goal is to supply you with the bulk bag filler or bulk bag unloader for your specific needs and requirements. Use one of these machines or systems to accurately and safely fill or unload bulk bags. These machines can be free-standing or a part of much larger bulk conveying systems. They can be made of stainless-steel or carbon steel with a variety of finishes.

Bulk Bag Filler

Bulk Bag Filler

Bulk Bag Unloader

Bulk Bag Unloader

Bulk Bags

What are Bulk Bags?

Bulk Bags are large, standardized containers, used to store and transport dry bulk materials such as sand, granules, powders, animal feeds, flour, fertilizers, plastics and more. Bulk bags are usually made of thick woven polyethylene or polypropylene and measure 43 x 43 inches and can vary in height from 40 inches to 78 inches. Bulk bags can usually hold around 2,200 lbs of bulk material but the larger bulk bags can hold more. They can be conveniently transported and lifted by pallet or by lifting using the loops located at the top of the bag. Loading a bulk bag is usually done with a machine called a bulk bag filler, or bulk bag loader. Emptying or unloading a bulk bag is usually done with a machine called a bulk bag unloader, or bulk bag discharger, that uses the opening at the bottom of the bag. Bulk bags are also referred to as FIBC bags (flexible intermediate bulk container) or big bags. Bulk bags can be easily recycled and are considered to be very cost-effective.


What types of materials can be stored in Bulk Bags?

  • activated carbon
  • almonds
  • alumina
  • barite
  • coffee beans
  • navy beans
  • cocoa beans
  • bentonite
  • calcined coke
  • calicum carbonate
  • carbon black
  • caustic soda
  • cement
  • chemical resins
  • concrete
  • copper oxide
  • cottonseed hull
  • crumb rubber
  • diatomaceous earth
  • drilling fluids / drilling muds
  • fertilizer
  • flour
  • corn flour
  • wheat flour
  • gravel
  • grout
  • gypsum
  • iron oxide
  • limestone
  • peanuts
  • pecans
  • plastic pellets
  • portland cement
  • powdered milk
  • precious metals
  • pvc powder
  • rock
  • salt
  • sand (damp)
  • sand (dry)
  • seeds
  • seeds (sesame)
  • soybeans
  • talc
  • titanium dioxide (TIO2)
  • trace minerals
  • zinc oxide